Monday, August 29, 2005

Starbucks or Starfucks

Either might make you gay. A conservative woman's org wants to boycott Starbucks. Seriously, ladies, aren't there more important issues out there?

Thursday, August 25, 2005

More Austin Food


On Wednesday, we drove 22 miles out to The Salt Lick and, Lord, honey, it was worth it. This place -- this cavernous shrine to beef -- had heaping helpings of beef. All kinds of beef.

We shared family style, beek brisket, pork ribs, hot links, tri-tip, beans, potato salad, cole slaw and more beef. The pork ribs, I swear to God as my witness, had meat that fell of the bone and swan dived into your mouth. The brisket was so tender, it could have been taken as communion. The hot links surpised with juicy squirts of hot grease with every snapping bite.

And, then, the dessert. Blackberry cobbler and pecan pie. I opted for the pie slice which came more like pie size with a giant scoop of heavenly ice cream on top.

I did not eat dinner that night.

NEXT DAY, we went to Stubs for more bbq. I had -- recommended by many -- the pulled pork sandwich. The pork was sweet and musky and tender as all get out, but the bun must have descended from heaven. Great space, great service, great food. And, do order the onion rings, you will NOT be disappointed. However, that vegetable that looks like a gerkin is NOT a gerkin. It is hot and when you mistakenly bite into it, the juice the squirts out of it and on to the back of your throat is HOT. Be warned.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Sullivan's Steakhouse in Austin, TX

Last night had delightful meat meal in Sullivans. Room is warm and masculine and the service was quick and amiable. Started with a lovely and rich mushroom and truffle fondue. Thought it was too thin to start, but as it thickened, it became an inviting and warm way to begin.

Next up: the classic wedge. It came large, cold and covered in delicious blue cheese dressing. A success!

The main event: a petit filet with peppercorn sauce. The meat was heavenly seasoned and the peppercorn sauce was rich and biting and not too sweet. The sides we shared were creamed spinach and potato au gratin. Both the best we've had yet.

Creamed spinach, we've decided will be compared from city to city. Thus far, we have a winner: Sullivans.

Finally, we ended with chocolate raspberry soufle -- a light and sweet way to end a fine meal.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Sunday, August 21, 2005


There's a great mouth-watering story at The Left Coaster that has me thinking of my tamale man.

I live in Atwater Village, a small part of greater LA that has it's fair share of Latinos (but what part of the city, state and country doesn't?). In any case, every Sunday, one man drives every street very slowly in his bullhorn-equipped car and every 20 seconds or show, he shouts over his bullhorn "Tamales".

And I haven't once bought one. Next time, I will.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Food Blogging

As it turns out, it looks like I'll be travelling for 3 days a week for the next six weeks. In fact, I just hit San Francisco and soon I'm off to Austin, Boston, Memphis, Denver and Chicago with probable repeat visits to Chicago and Memphis. And, all on the company's dime...which mean's good meals in good eatin' towns. So, what's an itinerant blogger to do but blog about food.

Unfortunately, I just thought of it today, so we'll miss out mostly on San Francisco...excpet to say I had two lovely meals in Beldin Alley (down Nob Hill, near Chinatown). This is a wee alley that's crammed with 5 or 6 great cafes. First, we ate at Pleuth -- famous for its mussels -- and it did not disappoint. The next day, we ate (and mostly drank) after a long day of work at Cafe Tiramisu. We had amazing ravioli dishes -- one with goat chese and mushrooms, which was absolutely sublime and another with lobster and crabmeat which was somewhat less so. But, then, the kicker was the dessert. You would think that a place called Cafe Tiramisu would make a good Tiramisu and in this case, you would be RIGHT. Stunning, light, little lady fingers from heaven. That's what they were.

Next up will be Austin, where we hope to have some good bbq and I hope to have pics and stronger details to follow.

Tonight's the Night

Happy Birthday Carl!

Should be quite the fete...

Details and pics to follow in the days ahead.

Friday, August 12, 2005

More on Iraq

Is the Pentagon planning on adding several brigades to Iraq this fall? Read the note.


Well, I am. I would think most people are. But you wouldn't really still know that by what's going on in the country. Still, though, the mood of the country seems to be shifting. Was it necessary to go to war against a country that was not a threat? Almost 2,000 americans have died, scores of thousands of Iraqis have died, more than 200 billion dollars spent and all for what? Looks like the only ones who have benefitted have been the Haliburtons of the world. Can anyone show anything or anyone else who's benefitted?

Watch the new Green Day anti-war video here.

Happy Birthday

Thanks to my parents, step-parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, sister, boyfriend and friends, I somehow, against all the odds, am still alive and am not typically described as an undecent person.

Don't know how that happened, but I'm grateful to all who have shaped me in one way or the other to help make me who I am today.

Hopefully, I'll continue to grow.

Posted with love.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005


The pentagon is planning a military march on 9/11 to commemorate the 4th anniversary of the attacks? Are they insane?


Why won't the president meet with Cindy Sheehan? What's he afraid of? This is isn't the first time and I suspect it won't be the last time that I say, "Shame on you". At long last, sir, have you no decency? This woman would like you to explain why his son gave his life for your war.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Remember Hiroshima

Not sure if this link will work or not; if it doesn't visit today's NY Times op-ed page and consider.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

David Shaw

L.A. Times writer and gourmand David Shaw passed away this week. Few writers could match his skill in interpreting media or food and wine. He was a great voice in Los Angeles and the world. He will be missed.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Bush and Cheney Indicted

Posted without comment (via Billmon).

Ok, one comment: I seriously doubt it, but, boy, wouldn't it be both sweet and depressing?

2000 Dead

"Coalition" forces. Where are the protests? Where's the outcry?

Remember this war was "marketed" after August 2002 as a way to end Saddam Hussein's threat to America. The threat was described in various ways as being imminent, nuclear, chemical and otherwise. All proven lies. When the lies came out, the reason to go to war -- once we were fighting -- changed with every month.

All who remain silent are just as guilty as those who led this country into war and kept it there.

There is a collective shame to be shared.

Monday, August 01, 2005


There's a new master plan for the magnificent Griffith Park...and if you think Joni Mitchell's "Big Yellow Taxi" is a paean to paving paradise, then you'll like this plan.

If maybe you cherish the park and want to keep it as natural as possible, it's time to speak out.

Two Steps Forward...

California honors equal rights. It's a good day to be a Californian!