Friday, February 22, 2008

Photo of the Month!

Yes, it's an honor just to be nominated, but somehow, without even knowing I was in the running, my photo of snowcapped mountains behind Atwater Village won the very coveted Atwater Village News Photo of the Month award.

I'd like to thank the academy, Michael, who bought me my first Konica oh-so-many years ago, my mom -- happy birthday, by the way, Carl...Is that the music I hear, rushing my acceptance speech?

Monday, February 18, 2008

55 Degrees in Atwater Village

55 Degrees is finally open. Not sure what time it opens in the day, but its wine bar in the basement is open 7 days a week from 5p - 10p. The staff is incredibly nice, the owners outgoing and the look and feel of the place is quite inviting. It's a great addition to the neighborhood. Here are a few pics from their opening.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Capitol Records Building

Every once in a while, I am blessed with the chance to really do something that is, well, too cool for school. Today was one of those days.

As part of my job, I occasionally have to interview people on camera. Sometimes they're famous, most of the times less famous and, either way, it typically happens in relatively benign location. Not this time.

Called on to interview young recording artist Ferras, his EMI team originally suggested doing the interview at the Grove. For several reasons, this became a non-starter, so the record company suggested doing the interview at the Capitol Records building. I thought great, it's more than half way home, I get to leave early, I'll do the interview instead of my producer, blah blah blah.

Then, they email back and ask if I wanted to do the interview on the Capitol Records building rooftop. Ah, yes, please.

Now, inside the building was more than cool enough. It really is just a small round building, crammed to the rafters with nostalgia and rich in music history. But on the rooftop, with very short walls, with the sun setting on a wind-blown, clear Los Angeles winter twilight: FUCK YEAH.

Of course, I wasn't smart enough to bring a real camera, but what follows are a few snapshots from my cell phone (click to magnify).

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Obama for President

Yes, We Can. After 7 long years of unamerican leadership, it's time for a change. Obama, I think, will bring that change. He offers us hope in a time of growing despair.

Do yourself and your country a favor and whatever you do, give it some thought and make sure you do vote. You can vote to continue the policies of war and violence, inequality and insecurity or you can vote for change and hope. Vote for Obama.

55 Degrees Wine Shop in Atwater Village

At long last, the time has arrived. I just received a bulletin from the Atwater Village News blog that 55 Degrees is finally opening. Hark, the angels do sing! Here's the brief note:

"Join friends and neighbors for complementary wine tasting at Atwater’s newest “wine cellar” on Saturday, February 16th, from 11am to 11pm. "
I know I'll be there...probably from 11a to 11p.

Friday, February 01, 2008

No More Plastic Bags

Well, now, Ireland has done it and even the semi-reputable NY Times has recognized it. Who's next? For me, I do like those plastic bags for doggie doo pickup, but am open to suggestions for alternatives...