Sunday, March 06, 2005

The Late Revolver

We met so many of our friends and had so much of a good time over the many years at Revolver, that it's almost hard to write about. Revolver closed down last July and will eventually become another bar -- I hear it will be East West Lounge -- but, in its time, it was THE best gay bar to go to in L.A. It had a great crowd, played the best music and had a team of editors who created the standard in hilarious videos.

One of these guys was Dan-o-rama, who wasn't there long and is now quite busy editing for the world. Today, by accident, I stumbled across Dan-o-rama and his site (via the fabulous PageSixSixSix) and one of his landmark videos.

You gotta see it to enjoy it. It will give a brief, fleeting feeling of the fun & heady times we all had at the Revolver.

Meanwhile, rumor has it that certain well-loved foreign bartenders from Revolver -- along with a video producer -- may be reconvening at another watering hole somewhere in the greater L.A. metropolis. They aren't over the hill. Well, they aren't figuratively. Literally, may be another matter. But, alas, I may have said too much already.

Details of the happy reunion to come over the next few weeks. Also, more about what Revolver meant to so many people in the weeks and months to come.

Stay tuned.


John August said...

Great Minds Think Alike category:

Just yesterday, I followed the same link from PageSixSixSix to Dan-O-Rama. I was so happy to find the Joan Crawford compilation again. The videos were one of the things I missed most about Revolver, so it was nice to have that back, if smaller and with the accompanying vodka-cranberry.

Here's hoping that foreign-born bartenderess gets her venture going.

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