Saturday, April 30, 2005

Inuendo, Gypsy, Tramps and Thieves

My spring of live music continues!

Last night, I watch my coworker, the incomparable, Erick Burdette (Burdettte!) jam with his band, Inuendo, at -- of all places -- the Hard Rock Cafe at the Beverly Center. First of all, who knew they actually had live music?! Secondly, wow. Erick rocked. The amazingly tight band thrilled the crowd. Somebody sign them up. That good.

Now, tonight, my friend Steve just rang me and told me that he had an extra ticket to Cher's final performance (final final or just another semifinal final? time will tell.) at the Hollywood Bowl. Can't pass that up...I'd have to turn in my queer card and, frankly, it's not worth it.

So, reports on Cher tomorrow!


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