Saturday, June 11, 2005

Gay Pride Weekend

It's gay pride weeekend in Los Angeles -- has it been a year already? -- and my friends and I are planning our annual celebration of being honest and true to ourselves. How do we celebrate? Living our lives openly, without fear. Every day. This weekend, though, we do it for all the kids out there who are gay, but are afraid to come out.

Kids like Zach from Tennesee. Zach is 16 and was afraid to come out for 3 years, but just recently came out to his family at the end of May. His parents did not react as one would hope and Zach is blogging about it.

Read about his ongoing experience and challenges and show your support here.

Meanwhile, happy gay pride this weekend and every day.


Boyfriend Carl. said...

Oh please! You know as well as I do what Gay Pride in Los Angeles means...
We get to see the most beautiful men in the world overdosing on GHB... without their shirts on...
Lets face it, the next generation of Gay kids in Los Angeles have nothing to worry about.
Their role models will show them the way.
Don't you trust Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, Lindsey Lohan or Kelly Osbourne?
"Its the only way to meet other gay people...and blow them all over the internet", according to EmParisment Hilton.
Kelly Osbourne (high)ly recommends having at least two members of Kinsey Six on hand at all times. Thats Kinsey Six folks, not Maroon 5...
"Poppers, and a day in the K-Hole with a bunch of Circuit Queens, is all I need to keep my face the opposite of defined!", KY Jelly Osbourne was quoted as saying in the latest issue of NoTalentPhatGirlPigs magazine.
As I said, there are no traumas facing the young gays.
Its the older ones we have to support right now.
Of course, as soon as I mention the older ones, everyone immediately thinks of some sort of ritalin-addicted Troll-gay like, hmmmn.... I don't know...Tom Cruise maybe. Well don't worry about that little Oompa Loompa kids. Poprah Winfrey XXX is looking after that poor middle-aged melt-down.
Gotta Run, Lindsay Lohan is on ET talking about how she shot some paparazzi in the face with a freckle gun.....

Miles said...

well, i guess all that is true, too. still, to young knaves just coming out, it has a profoundly positive affect. So poo poo it all you like, I'm still a big supporter. Love, boyfriendmiles

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