Sunday, July 03, 2005

Oh Canada y Viva Espana

Well, at least two countries are heading in the right direction...equal marriage rights for all people! Wow, what a concept! Oh, and look, the Lord God hasn't yet struck them down, the rivers have not dried up, the sun has not disappeared. Simply, people who love each other who are adults and of the same sex can now marry each other.

I thought I loved Spain before, but now, oh, Lord, honey, let me in. (Ah, I'm sure that I should probably rephrase that.)

As for Canada, I never really loved it or hated it; I was ambivalent. Though, I did once have a nice week in Toronto and did drive across a bit of it to go from Niagra Falls to Chicago (i think) on a cross country drive from Boston to L.A. Anyway, I like Canada now too. So, bully for them.

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