Sunday, December 04, 2005

Ford Motor Co. is Homophobic

Under pressure from the american taliban -- The American Family Association -- Ford is pulling all advertising from gay publications. Go here to find out who at Ford you can share your thoughts with.

I had a Mustang until this January. It was a so-so car which got terrible terrible gas mileage. It was a lease and the leasing company was Wells Fargo, who, by the way, were complete and total assholes about the return of the car. So, overall, the Mustang experience was not a very positive one.

And now, I'll never consider buying or leasing a Ford again.

I do, however, suggest a lovely mini-cooper or a Miata...


mustangman said...

dude, your a fucking doushe
you do realize ford still gives millions to gay organazations every year rite.
so look you peice of shit, shut up
mustangs are great cars, i just feel bad because you were to fucking cheap to buy a good one, you bought a peice of shit one with minimal parts, mabe if you werent so fucking cheap youd see youd get a good car if youd pay for it
you get what you pay for cocksucker
thanks bunches bitch

Miles said...

Ah, go fuck yourself. Thanks very much.