Monday, August 28, 2006

Corporations Aren't Evil...

With apologies to to Jessica Rabbit, they're just drawn that way. What Kevin Drum says:

But I will (partly) concede one point to Mallaby: it's foolish to paint Wal-Mart or the broader business community as "evil." They aren't, any more than ordinary human beings are evil. It's just that, left to their own devices, both humans and corporations tend to act solely in their own self-interest. That's why we have laws to control human behavior, and it's why we need laws and regulations to control corporate behavior. I prefer a society in which people don't gun each other down in the streets, and I also prefer a society in which middle class workers prosper when the economy grows. I support laws that encourage both.

Read the whole thing! The bottom line is that we need business regulations because unregulated, business will do first what's best for business. To hell with morality. And that's why good government works for the people.

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