Sunday, September 10, 2006

Atwater Starbucks and Such

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Yes it's true. Starbucks is going into the old Atwaters Ranch Market. While we certainly don't need another Starbucks -- and I'll be buying my baked goods at the locally-owned Rollin' Pin Bakery and getting my rare outside-work-or-home coffee at Kaldi -- it will benefit the many people who drive down Glendale in the morning and it has already forced both Rollin' Pin and Kaldi to spruce up.

However, I'm more concerned about what might be going in next door. I walked onto the site and a construction worker told me that an H&R Block is going in. All this time, I've heard about a Wine Shop/Cafe --something that a worker at Kaldi reiterated -- was slated for the space. And that would be ideal. An H&R Block would be a total waste of the great newly configured space. Come on, people.

Does anyone know for sure what's going in there?


meta said...

The owner of the Rollin Pin told my hubby that a wine bar was coming in. Let it be true! We need more food options in the AV.

Miles said...

From your mouth to God's ears. I walked by today and saw nothing new.