Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Best Burger in L.A. and McGriddle Sandwiches

Ok, the McGriddle first. I don't eat at McDonalds often...anymore. When I was a kid, it had to be at least once a week that I found myself hovered over a large fries and a couple cheeseburgers -- I always hated the quarter pounder and the big mac, because the onions were too big. That's a different story. Anyway, so I had to take my Mini -- which I love -- to the dealer this weekend for its annual (that's right, annual. suck on that!) oil change and a couple other things. The dealer is on Lankershim by Universal City, but nowhere near anything really to eat...except McDonalds.

So, starving, I went. I waited in line. At the last moment, I called an audible and ordered a McGriddle with eggs, bacon and cheese. And sweet Jesus, it was good. Really freakin' good. Sweet and savory all in delicious juicy warm bites. Whoever invented it, deserves the Nobel Prize.

Now, on to burgers. For months, I've heard about 25 Degrees, the new burger restaurant at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood that was created by the team behind Aubergine and a million other things. Saturday night I went with my friend Philip and -- you guessed it -- sweet Jesus, it was good. Really actually great. I got the burger with goat cheese, bacon and -- this is key -- garlic parmesan something. And I ordered the burger medium rare. It came medium rare. Meat juice oozed with every bite, but not so much onto the plate; instead, rather, into the super absorbant sponge-like, light n fluffy bun.

All the flavors combined and shed light on a beauty I have never witnessed before. I will be back. Oh, and the onion rings, french fries and dipping sauces were all superb.

One final incongruous note: why are there no hot dog buns in the northeast? Man, that always steamed me. You order a hot dog in Boston and you get it on a folded piece of falling apart white bread. Sheesh.

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