Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Bullet Train or My Birthday Project #15

Lord knows I love public transit, I love trains and I love speed. Put the three together and you've got the bullet train from Madrid to Taragona.

A first class ticket sets you back about a hundred euros, but it's worth it as you recline in style as the Spanish landscape shoots by you at 300km/hour. And, you get served snacks and drinks as a crappy american movie that is both dubbed in spanish AND has spanish subtitles plays.

Still, we made it to the east coast in two hours at about the same cost of flying with none of the hassle.

Now, imagine bullet trains in the US -- in the Boston/NYC/DC corridor, in the SF/LA/Las Vegas corridor, in Florida, in the Midwest.

Come on "leaders", wtf are you waiting for?


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