Monday, October 15, 2007

World Hunger Relief Week

It's blog action day where people who blog are supposed to blog about the environment. Well, I'll start out not about the environment but about World Hunger. I'm not sure why we need a week when if we were really connected compassionate people, every week there are people in the world going hungry should be world hunger week. Anyway, I slightly digress... Find out how you can help.

As for the environment, turn out your lights this coming Saturday, and join millions of people in L.A. and San Francisco, who will have the chance to see stars that they haven't seen in a very long time and also, what they hay, save some energy.

Read about the Climate Crisis from Nobel Peace Prize Winner (Yeah!) Al Gore.

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From Hunger to Hope said...

Thanks for the mention of World Hunger Relief Week, Miles. WHRW was created to coincide with World Hunger Day on October 16, but yes I agree: this issue should be addressed every day until the crisis is eradicated. With your help, we'll bring this global crisis the attention and fundraising it desperately needs, so THANK YOU!!

Have you heard about Mario Lopez' involvement with the effort via the LA Food Bank? I think he's scheduled to volunteer more this week at the Food Bank and as a spokesperson for hunger relief in general.