Sunday, March 16, 2008

Canele Brunch

Yeah, so we couldn't wait. We walked down our tree-lined street in Atwater Village on a blustery pre-spring morning and ambled into warm and inviting small storefront restaurant of Canele. Not too many customers were there, but the place was very well staffed. So many people with so little to do until the crowds came...and they will come.

We sat down in theback, admired the large black and white photos on the walls and noticed the soft paneling in the ceiling which must cut back the noise quite a bit (take note, malo). We didn't sample too many things -- we both ordered the same exact meal -- but it was delicious and well made. We had omlettes made with goat cheese which came with delicious rosemary potatos and a small salad (kale maybe?).

It was all very fresh, light and delicious. The omlette could have been a tad warmer as could the waiter, but the busboy, hostess and everybody else were simply fantastic.
It's not the cheapest place in town, but for a smart little restaurant that we can walk to, it's well worth the price. Here's hoping they add sidewalk tables soon!

We'll be back!

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