Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Dodger Stadium

I went to my first regular season game of the year a couple of Sundays ago and, though the hometown bums (little known fact, L.A. reporters were encouraged not to call the Dodgers "dem bums" once they moved from Brooklyn in order to encourage fandom. it worked) lost to the Padres, we had a nice day in the shade of the beautiful ballpark on a very warm Sunday in spring.

The ballpark was as spectacular as ever, however, the walkways/ramparts/whatever-you-call-its that you walk around the stadium through were all gussied up. In fact, each of the concession stands -- even the much talked about addition of Canter's -- had a really spiffy mid century modern gloss.

Unfortunately, this clearly lead to a massive increase in price. Also, since I haven't been much of a beer drinker since college and would always prefer a glass (or ten) of wine (so, sue me), there is now only one location in the field level (unless you belong to the special clubs on either side of home) that you can buy an alcoholic beverage other than beer. Yeah, it's a bar. And, a glass of wine is...

wait for it...

still wait...
$12 mofo 50 a glass.


Spirit drinks are only something like $8. What gives?

I'll still go, of course, but I think I'll bring in my own special vintage from home.

Here are some pics of the park, anyway.

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