Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Obama Inauguration

There's no denying that a lot of people are upset by Obama's choosing Rick Warren to give the opening benediction at his inauguration, but, perhaps, he is thinking bigger picture. After all, now with all the protests about it popping up, Warren has already begun to make changes in the language he uses to speak of the "others" (read: gays and women who value choice, muslims, et al). Just by asking him to be part of the big show, Warren has had to move to the center, however slightly, and that, I think, we can agree, is a good thing.

Meanwhile, Obama has decided to take the oath of office using the bible that Lincoln used...and he's the first president to do that. Now, that's just effing cool.


Anonymous said...
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edithroad said...

But he found a way to balance it by asking a gay anglican bishop to do the invocation! Talk about brilliant!

From the Washington Post (proving YOUR point):
"Today, Warren issued a statement praising Obama for selecting Robinson, saying the president-elect "has again demonstrated his genuine commitment to bringing all Americans of goodwill together in search of common ground. I applaud his desire to be the president of every citizen."

Miles said...

hello there. fancy seeing you here.