Monday, December 07, 2009

Talismen or Talismans?

I've been married legally to my husband for almost 14 months, but we've been together a little more than 19 and a half years.  Yeah, I know.  We don't look that old.  Gays don't age like straights, so sue us. You get everything else. 

Anyway, last month we were in Palm Springs for a weekend, where Carl picked up a used book of Irish short stories. He's from Ireland, he writes short stories, it was meant to be.  Tonight, in front of the tv and the gin and the tonic and the red wine - really, just one drink each - Carl mentions that the book is filled with papers.

One falls out. It's a ballot receipt from Palm Springs dates, April 4, 1990.  The first day we became a couple (I'll leave the rather sordid and amusing details to your imagination).  The second drops out. It's a handwritten tag which reads "God Bless the business of wine forever."

WTF?  Well, ok, then. Duely noted. 


John said...


And I've already heard the sordid stories of how you stalked him.

智琳 said...

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