Friday, July 07, 2006

Habibi's Falafel or How My Dreams of Middle Eastern Food Were Shattered

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Saturday, I'm on my regular constitutional through the neighborhood of Atwater Village and, lo and behold, a new middle eastern restaurant where before was a longrunning Philipino Market. I'm thrilled. THRILLED. I haven't had a good falafel since I lived in Hollywood and Me and Me at the corner of Crescent Heights and Santa Monica closed. THRILLED!

So, Wednesday night after work, I decide to walk by and maybe purchase some falafel and hummus. Well, upon close inspection, it's closed. Looks great, though. Big counter, nice floor, few tables...but wait. There are two tall stands. Could it be? Is it possible?

Next day, EatingLA shatters my dreams. It's a set for a new movie starring Tony Shaloub! Dreams of a falafel within walking distance crushed! Oh, Los Angeles!


lakeside said...

ha! my girlfriend pointed out this place on the way to the Vet on monday...I had never seen it and we were both quite excited about the potential.

Jody said...

I see this all the time from the 92 bus, and it pisses me off because Atwater is in dire need of good places to eat!