Sunday, July 02, 2006

National Sales Tax is a Bad Idea, Andrew

Yeah, I said it. To replace income tax with a national sales tax will put an undue burden on the middle class and poor. Many years ago, The Washington Post did a comprehensive story on tax policy and firmly agreed that a national sales tax would be extremely regressive.

What the federal government should be doing -- and won't for some time -- is restore the progressive nature of our income tax laws to where they were pre-Reagan. Over the past 30-odd years, the rich have been getting richer (more so in the past decade) and the middle class and poor have been getting poorer. If these trends continue, the country will consist of an Upper class and Lower class. Not a good model for success, n'cest pa?

Here are some solid graphs of how there is now a greater divide between the wealthy and not-so-wealthy people in this county. Basically, according to,

Income for the top 1% skyrocketed 201% between 1979 and 2000.
Meanwhile, income for the middle 20% rose only 15% and income for the
bottom 20% rose only 9%.

So, if we return tax rates to pre-Reagan, we might just be able turn this trend around and begin to rebuild our infrastructure, provide equal educational opportunities to all people, restore the safety net, provde national health care and, heck, even fund our illegal and immoral wars.

And don't tell me that if the wealthy are taxed more that the economy will be sent into a tailspin, millions will lose their jobs and on and on. Save your breath.


Steve said...

Well said Miles. The facts seem to speak for themselves. I agree with you 100%.

angryredballs said...

Miles - If you want your blog entry to inspire people to respond with their opinions in a public forum, you may want to avoid asking them to save their breath. Clearly you don't care what others have to say.

Given this fact, I would suggest that you go back to your usual inane content of why there isn't a falafel shop nearby or how someone left your gate open.

Oh, and you may also want to avoid the hypocritcal content of "Take the Metro" which you NEVER do or "Walk in L.A." which you NEVER do. These are obvious examples of how your postings are intellectually dishonest and cannot be taken seriously.

Miles said...

Well, angryredballs, I guess the old adage is true. If you don't really have a counter argument, make a personal attack. Just like a republican. I wish I could say I was surprised.

Carl Waiting said...

Miles OFTEN walks in Los Angeles!!
To say otherwise is bordering on slander and will not be tolerated.
He was not crowned the Honorary Mayor of Atwater Village for nothing.....feel free to join him on his constitutional some evening. All his constituents are welcome. One thing though, please do not pester him with questions regarding the latest shenanigans of paparazzi-shy First Lady Carl of Atwater. A team of highly paid celebrity publicists are preparing a press conference as we speak.

Carl Waiting said...

And besides, one look at my man's beautiful legs hould be proof enough to anyone with a lick of sense, of Miles' vigorous strolls through our Village Kingdom and beyond.
This preposterous attack on Mayor Miles could only come from a person with....well I'll say it....a spectacular array of deep, incurable psychological problems.

Brian said...

Miles, Miles, Miles - I'm curious where you make the division between the wealthy and the not-so-wealthy? Is it in the land of questionable entertainment expenses at, oh...let's say the Akbar or The Abbey? Not sure if Mr. Martini or Lady White Wine count as a client entertainment expense. Just saying, it might be time to "buck up".

A national sales tax will put most of the tax burden on the wealthy. Let's face it the wealthy spend most of the money. And we will no longer have to concern ourselves with Marti and the Lady. Everyone pays their fair share.

Miles said...

Brian, like redangryballs, you decide to make it personal. That's fine. Yes, I do claim some deductions from some occasions in which I have drinks or meals with colleagues and friends -- particularly, when during these times, business is discussed. It's completely legitimate and, in fact, routine for people to do so.

That said, though a national sales tax may be deemed "fair" by you because everyone "pays their fair share", in actuality (and you know this), poorer people will end up paying higher percentage of their gross income on taxes then the rich.

That's regressive, not progressive, and it will do nothing but harm the country.

The wealthier have a responsibility in an open, free, "democratic" and capitalist country to help lift the not-as-wealthy up. As Kennedy said long ago, "a rising tide should lift all boats."