Wednesday, October 04, 2006

A Day in the Life of Atwater Village

A neighbor of mine died yesterday. He died alone, on the sidewalk, in front of a neighbor's house. I didn't know his name, but he was a nice guy. He spoke primarily in spanish, was always genial and I saw him almost every morning that I went for a walk in the neighborhood. Often, he'd be coming back from the liquor store on the corner with La Opinion and a small brown bag. Ocassionally, he smelled like alcohol. Regardless, he was a nice guy, who often reached out to say Buenos Dias.

He died on the sidewalk. Apparently, and I don't know this for sure, but he was on the sidewalk for approximately 4 and a half hours before he was reported to the police. I was at work and was told about the death, but not who it was until this morning. A neighbor, who doesn't speak much english either (he's asian, not latino, but that's one of the things I love about Atwater Village) told me who had died.

The memorial candles and flowers were placed on that spot almost as soon as his body was removed. I wonder if people had been so quick once he was discovered, if the candles and flowers would be necessary.

I hope he wasn't in pain and that he may have found some peace.

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