Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Halloween in Atwater Village

It's refreshing to observe that even in this time when our government seems to have abandoned all sense of rationality, neighborhoods around the country can take a step back and do what they have done for, well, at least part of a century. Atwater Village was no different.

This Halloween, the forces conspired to force me to do what is right. Stay home. No WeHo. No parties. No nothing. My partner left for a short holiday in Chicago and I vowed to stay home and make sure the dogs (for those of you who have read the blog before, you know how i get when the gate is opened) are safe and to deliver candy upon the sweet gremlins of Atwater. I also twisted my ankle something nasty this afternoon. So, I'm subsisting on candy, wine, vodka, advil and the beauty that is Halloween in Atwater.

Old and young, accompanied with parents and dogs, they came in waves. It was beautiful to behold and gives me hope for the future. Oh, and I've got candy and vodka left. God help me tomorrow, cause my ankle is killin' me.

Happy Halloween! God help us -- The X-mas season is upon us now!!


Jen Robinson said...

Happy Halloween, Miles! I hope that your ankle feels better. We have a lot of candy left over here, too.

Miles said...

thanks Jen. hope you had a good one. ankle seems better already. must have been the candy medicine.