Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Canele in Atwater Village

So, finally, we returned. It was a strange and windy night after a blustery and bizarre early spring day in L.A. We --well, I-- really didn't want to go to Acapulco again --though, it's hard to resist those coupons-- but rather go someplace different. It could have been Da Gianino or the Other Side or the Vietnamese place across from Silver Lake Wine, but it turned out to be Canele.

Approaching it from outside, it seemed so warm and welcoming. A small bistro in a tight knit diverse neighborhood, it brought us in. We sat at a small two top and ordered a couple glasses of wine. They weren't served in wine glasses --which our later neighbors got-- but that was fine. We split an absolutely delicious avocado and shrimp salad that was cool and refreshing and a delicious special of ham, spanish cheese and quince paste. Great appetizers.

After, Carl had the seared red snapper with herbed rice and I had the beef tenderloin with pomme anna and broccoli. Carl's fish was fabulous, lemony and not at all fishy, but the rice had too much fenel for our liking. Well, any fenel would be too much fenel. My beef, broccoli and potatoes were sensational.

The service was warm and gracious. I spied the canele's under a towel as we left, pointed at them and then the hostess/owner asked if we would like one. Mission accomplished. They were a great way to end the meal as we walked out.

The prices are still rather steep for a neighborhood hot spot, but the food and service were a treat.

Go to Canele.

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