Thursday, August 09, 2007

The Pacific Surfliner or My Birthday Project #16

Ok, I admit, I haven't exactly been barnstorming on the weekly new events the last month or so, but I'm still plugging away. Just the other weekend, I had to go to near San Diego for work and I decided to meet my cowokers there a day later and take the train -- we all took the train, but I took it a day later.

The beauty of the Pacific Surfliner is that you debark from L.A.'s beautiful Union Station, pass through the bowels of industrial Los Angeles and end up along the Ocean heading into San Diego. The train is not fast, but it is comfortable. And if you order a bottle of wine from the Club Car, it's a lot bigger than an airplane bottle at the same price.

Oh, and when you really consider the real time and cost of air or car travel, it takes the same amount of time and is so much more relaxing. Here are some pics.

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