Thursday, August 09, 2007


Well, it seems that a lot of local blogs are doing it, so like a lemming, here I go. First I plunged in earlier in the week when it seemed all the rage, but the site was down. Tell me something I don't know about...

Then, tonight, I stumbled across it again at Here in Van Nuys and I punched in the address of our home. Well, we live in Atwater Village but are almost on a suburban style street, inbetween Glendale and Fletcher and thus, our walkable score hovered at a mere 60.

Now I walk in our little village of Atwater all the time. If I have to go the bank, or get a breakfast burrito or a coffee or, even now, a chochke, I get off my ass, forego the car and hoof it. So, I know Atwater does not deserve a 60. So, I plugged in an address on Glendale Blvd and, lo and behold, our little Village of Atwater is quite walkable.

Come on, neighbors, join me and take to the sidewalks. We'll all be better for it. Nothing like a good constitutional.


Militant Angeleno said...

That site is a little flawed, the establishments are out of date, and it only takes into account the proper names or establishments. Plus, what good is an elementary school nearby when you either have no kids or your kids are of high-school age?

Still the Militant applauds you for walking in the AWV. Remember, walking saves you cash, gas and the size of your ass!

Andrew said...

Walkscore means well, but doesn't have the human brain to understand what makes a neighborhood walkable.