Saturday, November 10, 2007

Atwater Village News

I haven't had much time for constitutionals in the neighborhood lately, but, today, I was able to stroll much of the length of our little main street, Glendale Boulevard...and I'm happy to report, things are jumping. At least dancing.

There's now Belly Dancing classes on the northwest end, right next to the Pounder Gallery. And, of course, over in the middle of the boulevard is the beat house, where the door always seems to be open and 27 ladies seem to be getting their respective grooves on. Good for them and good for Atwater Village.

Near the Beat House in an old brick storefront that's been covered for some time is going to be the new restaurant from the man who brought L.A. "Soy House" and it's going to be named "Viet", a noodle house. The room is very minimalist with long communal wood tables. I can't wait til it opens.(The man in the pic below is the owner, who, not coincidentally, is named "Viet".)

About a block and a half north on the same side of the street, there is a new clothing store going in and it looks like it promises to cater to the hipster in all of us.

And, then, one final note, it looks like the new wine bar/store --next to the new Starbucks -- that is scheduled to open Monday, ain't gonna open Monday. Looks like they have way too much more to do to get it ready to be open, but quien sabe, right?

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