Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Silver Lake Egrets, Black Balls and Choppers

I'm not really going to say anything much about the earthquake except, yeah, that happened. I've experienced many of them over my decades, but never one up on a 20th floor. Long after the quake, we were still moving from side to side like a ship in heavy seas. One of the paintings on my wall just went side to side for what seemed like forever. Weird. Still, I got that feeling that I always get after a moderate to big ass scary mofo quake: delighted to be alive.

Now, in reverse order to the above title. Sunday, we were coming back to Atwater from Cliff's Edge Restaurant and saw a helicopter hovering directly over the Resevoir. We tried to pull around to grab a shot, but by the time we got there, it had taken off. At the time, we thought it was odd because there was no local brush fire...but indeed, there was, right by the zoo. Luckily, it seemed most escaped unscathed.

Then, this morning, while taking a constitutional around the resevoir (too lazy to make it to Runyon and too tired because the dogs were acting strangely all night, no doubt due to the upcoming quake), and, lo and behold, I saw an egret flying overhead until it perched in a tree on the west side of the lake. Perhaps, they're back.

Or, perhaps, they're attacted by the black balls they continue to dump in to Ivanhoe. I caught this in action just after the egret. And I thought they were done, but apparently they won't be until it looks more like an oil slick...whichI guess is appropriate given these end days.

At least the egrets are back -- at least one. That is all.

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