Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Light Posting

I haven't given up, I'm just completely and utterly swamped at work. Things may or may not get better in the next week or so, but meantime, I barely have time to read the news or stick my finger out to see which way the wind of culture is heading. I've only been home now about 45 minutes -- enough time to scan the LA Times, read the comics, electronically pay a couple bills, heat up some delish Wolfgang Puck Beef Vegetable Soup (truly, the tastiest soup in a can) and pour myself a tall Vodka Martini w/ a twist that my boyfriend had kindly left in the fridge for my return from the work zone. (sip) (ah) So, for the meantime, look for heavier flows -- I mean posts -- on weekends when I have a sec to breath.

Oh, I guess I can say one thing about politics. Schwarzegger's proposed budget is a slap in the face of the majority of the state. I hope that most citizens can see through it and determine that this fraud is leading this state to further ruin.


John August said...

Re: Flow:

Y'know, Miles, I read a longish article in the new Consumer Reports about birth control, and many female gynecologists now stay on the Pill for three month cycles. You might ask Dr. Wolfe. That way, you wouldn't have to worry about heavy flow days. Aside from some "breakthrough bleeding," it would be just like your happy pre-pubescent days. For what it's worth.

ps. I wish my boyfriend left me vodka martinis.

Miles said...

i think i'm spotting just thinking about it. it's going to take a few moments to abosrb.