Saturday, January 22, 2005

Progressive Radio

Air America is finally coming back to L.A. this February!

We get to listen to Al Franken! Rejoice!


Anonymous said...

Miles, you got too much free time!!!!!!!

Maybe you should start drinking more.

John August said...

I don't remember -- did Air America lose its LA station, or did it never have one? I know there was drama about the time it launched.

Miles said...

John, the company that owned the affiliates in L.A. and Chicago when the network launched said that Air America had bounced checks and very quickly went about knocking it off the air in those markets. The real story is probably that they didn't like the product and tried to put an end to it. Ironically, the name of the company that owned the affiliates was Multicultural Radio Broadcasting. And even more ironic, the big company that's putting it back on the air is Republican-fave Clear Channel. They must see it as strong profit possibility. Anyway, more info on what happened to the affiliates many months ago is here: