Tuesday, January 04, 2005

A Special Gift...

for a special person. Click and absorb.


Carl Waiting said...

Excuse me Missy,

Did you borrow my very sentimental, one-of-a-kind,buy-a-dozen-get-one-very-special-
bunch o' Maxi Pads, for that rabidly, pro-Christian, right-wing, Season's Greetings Maxi-pad photo lay-out on your blog yesterday? I hope not. You know I was saving them for the "Oh fuck, I'm about to go through the Menopause!" ritual I was planning for my fortieth!
If you did (and I know you did, you conniving little minx!), please return them to the bottom drawer of my Bureau de Change in the bedroom where I keep all my Bride-to-Be knick-knacks.
Do it soon, you don't want to get the toxic-shock-syndrome now, do you?

Your demure , gay male lover,

Miles said...

the good news is that i slipped them on, walked outside and the flooded back patio went bone dry. now that's absorbant!