Tuesday, February 08, 2005


Google does maps! And better than anyone else does maps! Google-map it!

And note this is just in beta. When the next version is rolled out, I have heard that it takes online maps into a whole new dimension.

Next up: The Google Browser. The revolution continues.


John August said...

Google maps are great. Also check out A9's yellow pages, which show you a photo of the location (assuming you live in Los Angeles, or one of the other cities they photographed).

Anonymous said...

Not to get all ACLU on y'all, but does anyone else find it worrisome that a single company’s set of servers could include cached versions of 14 billion pages -- including billions that have long-since been deleted -- plus searchable email correspondences among millions? One of the 1 GB-of-space hooks is that you'd never have to delete anything, right? Two angles:

Google is thus privy to an unmatched stockpile of market research data -- the company could freely sell passively-gathered “anonymous” data to whomever it pleased. Like, say DaimlerChrysler were interested in how folks felt about their PT Cruisers -- Google could search its server database for all mentions of “PT Cruiser” and provide that info. I don't know if that would ever happen, but it sure seems a lot more likely now that it's public and more beholden to its shareholders.

Angle 2: Given the USA Patriot Act (searching library records, etc.), imagine if the Justice Department wanted to start digging through searchable email records for incriminating language of any sort. Emails text taken out of context, misunderstood jokes, etc., it’d all be fair game.

Don't know if this would happen, but if Google continues to maintain 80% of the search engine market share, making it, by definition, a monopoly, it'll be far more closely monitored - and ultimately regulated - by the DoJ and FTC.

Meanwhile, with all that IPO money, I'm sure they'll have A9-style photos and automatically caching Web browsers soon enough. Huzzah!