Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Why Jeff Gannon or Whatever His Name is Matters

Just. Read. It.



John August said...

I've been following the whole Gannon/Guckert thing since it broke, because (a) it's so bizarre, (b) internet sleuthing is fun, and (c) whatever his name is, he's kind of hot. And yes, I hate myself for admitting that.

What I find so astonishing is that this hasn't been made more of in the conventional press. Some idiot hands Dan Rather a fake memo and suddenly it's Witch Hunt 2004, but a fake journalist with a fake name is inserted into the press corps, and no one says boo?

Who do you have to sleep with to get some decent coverage? And more importantly, what's his nightly rate?

Miles said...


Happily, the msm has apparently finally awakened (no doubt, temporarily) from their slumber and is supposedly pursuing the Gannon story feverishly (insert your own std joke here).

So, undoubtedly, there will more to come (and it will probably be all over his face).

Hey, I couldn't resist.

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