Monday, June 26, 2006


While we´ve had an amazing and relaxing time in Costa Rica, yesterday at the airport was not so much. While waiting for 3+ hours in line at the airport to get our boarding passes for long-ago bought tickets home, our seats were sold.

No announcement, no warning, no nothing.

We threw the hissy fit of all time. They asked people to disboard and receive compensation. No takers.

We were given overnight accommodations, meals, transportation back to airport, upgrades to biz and 200-dollar vouchers for future flights. Still, it is not enough. We wanted to go home. Our dogsitter, the valiant pasquale- wanted to stop sitting. Our jobs expected us back.

So, now, our friend Jon who through very lucky circumstances did board and made it home and we are here. It will be interesting to see what fate has in store.

Back tonight. Tomorrow, many pics from the beautiful country and not so many from the less than beautiful airport.

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