Monday, December 25, 2006

Los Angeles Police Broken

So much for the "broken windows" policy. While I live in Atwater Village and the neighborhood has definitely improved over the years, in general it is ignored by the city's police department (among other departments).

On the block I live on, all street lights have been out for a week. No note from DWP or the city and a call to Eric Garcetti's office turned up a response in two days saying that they were aware of it and working on it.

Anyway, tonight, some yahoo was setting off personal fireworks to celebrate Jesus' birth (I guess) for at least half an hour around midnight. After 20 minutes, I called the local police dept. (northeast div) and they transferred me to 911 where I've been on hold for 20 minutes.


What if these illegal fireworks set my house on fire?

Really? WTF?

Our street has been without streetlights for a week, this was inevitable?

Where are the police?

Where is the city?

Why does it not matter?


kabira said...

Dear Miles,
It does indeed matter. As Council Member Garcetti's Field Deputy for Atwater Village, it specifically matters to me. But first, allow me to apologize- I was out of town for the holidays and did not see this until now. Please be sure that when our office said they were working on it, they were. Pressure from the office to the DWP does make things happen faster, however there is only so much they can do. I do know that the wind had considerably taxed the Department's distribution system, and that many folks were without power along with you. At one point the # was up to 9,800 and 56 crews were dispatched, representing about 178 employees.)

As for the LAPD, the truth is, the Department is severely under-resourced. The Council speant 2006 trying to remedy this situation- that was the impetus for the trash fee recovery that the Council passed. In the mean time, I would recommend getting to know your senior lead officer- Gina Chovan. Her cell phone is 213-793-0760. Establish a relationship with her, she might have suggestions for the next time that little buggers start lighting fire works next to your house.

Another resource for you is the Atwater Village Neighborhood Watch, which is a very effective and very active group in your area- made of of folks who are equally as frustrated with the lack of police resources. You can email for more information.

And, I am always a resource as well. My name is Kabira. Feel free to call anytime at our field office, 323/957-4500.

Hope your holidays were happy,

Kabira Stokes Hochberg
Field Deputy
Council Member Garcetti's Office

Miles said...

Thank you Kabira for your comments. Unfortunately, when I called, it was late at night, and the senior lead officer was not there. And when I called the local division, I was immediately, without question, transferred to 911.

As for the street lights, Councilman Garcetti's office was kind and considerate but took a few days to respond each time. Still, they responded, and I was grateful.

I used to attend the neighborhood watch and neighborhood council meetings when I worked from home. However, as anyone who works outside of home knows, their meetings are not scheduled to accommodate those people. So, once I began to work outside the home, it became almost impossible to attend.

Still, I'm grateful for what we do have in Atwater and hope for even better representation in the future.

Thanks again for your response.