Sunday, December 17, 2006

Nana Sandra

Rest in Peace. 97 years old and a couple months, she died tonight around 7. She had a good long life filled with love and tsoris. She always meant well, in my estimation, and she offered nothing but love to myself and my sister. At a time when my father and I really hadn't spoken in 20 odd years, she made us get on the phone. She knew. She was a force.

I've had too many people die in my life and Nana Sandra is the very latest. As I said before, I shouldn't be so sad for somebody who had lived 97 years, but I am. Maybe it's that the last little bit was so hard. Is that really necessary? Shouldn't the last little bit be the easiest?

I don't know for sure if there's something after life, but I hope that there is. And there, I hope she meets up with her husband and her parents and brothers and sisters and Manuela and my friends and Michael and Poppy and Denise and her friends and all that is not good here is good there. That is my hope.

God speed, Nana. I love you.

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