Monday, May 28, 2007

Mother's Day at the Pantages or My Birthday Project #7

With Carl's mother in town from Ireland, our friend Tom who's mother recently passed away, had the fun idea of getting house seats to WICKED at the Pantages for Carl, his mom, our friend Steve and his mom and me and my mother and himself.

Now, the Pantages is one of those grand historic L.A. theatres, which thankfully they haven't torn down, but rather Disney helped to rennovate for when THE LION KING played L.A., and it simply look magnificent on this Mother's Day.

The musical was really fun -- albeit a tad loud for the moms -- and filled with catchy songs, a strong book, great costumes and sets and just what American Musical Theater is meant to be.

After the show, we all headed off for late lunch and drinks at the Cat and Fiddle restaurant in Hollywood. More big laughs, great food and drink and a perfect way to end the first Mother's day ever spent together by my mom and Carl's.

Here we are at the Cat and Fiddle.

Next up: A hike through the Angeles National Forest.

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