Saturday, May 12, 2007

Rio de Los Angeles State Park or My Birthday Project #5

I did this last week, so I still haven't missed a week (he pats himself on the back),and this is it. I visited the all-new Rio de Los Angeles state park. It's on 40 acres of a former railroad yard (Taylor Yard) that a diverse coalition of groups worked to save from being turned into warehouses. Now, it's soccer fields, baseball fields, trails and standard kiddie park equipment. A real green oasis in the middle of a city that's starved for green oasis and another step towards making Los Angeles more liveable and more environmentally friendly. This and the new cornfield park in Chinatown and the finally approved and emerging emerald necklace that will be designed around the resurgence and reclamation of the Los Angeles river is something that the city, county and state leaders and the people can be proud of. Visit it!

Here are some snapshots.

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AVN said...

Nice shots, Miles. You captured the park perfectly. - AVN