Thursday, September 13, 2007

Los Angeles Traffic

WTF. It's never good, though at least during Jewish Holidays, you can occasionally zoom through the boulevards a little quicker. This morning was like that, but last night, oy!

I decided to take Santa Monica east from Beverly Hills, but an electronic sign said that at some point the street was closed. WTF!

So, having already come up from a boulevard further south, I decide to head north. I take Sunset and, as usual, it's a bit of a crawl to La Cienega and then opens up until it's gridlock around La Brea. So, north I go to Hollywood.

Whoops. I'm at the corner of Temple Israel and everybody and their grandmother is going to Rosh Hashana. And, I'm not at a light and the car in front of me wants to take a left on Hollywood?! Where's the civility. I wait.

I finally turn right and I cruise past La Brea and then again another electric sign saying that Hollywood Blvd. is closed. WTF.

Seriously, the city cannot close two major east/west boulevards so relatively close to each other at the same time. It's just wrong.

So, I head down south again on Highland, pass lots of angry people turning left at Sunset and Fountain and finally hit a decent clip back on Santa Monica.

Bottom line, city planners: Don't close two major boulevards at the same time. 'k?


tannaz said...

ok, i drove the rosh hashana line last night (burbank to the valley: ie, the studios to your mom's house), and it tremendously sucked. i kept checking the traffic reports for an accident somewhere, but there were none -- just jews trekking west for some matzoh ball soup (or tongue, black-eyed-peas, and saffron rice, in my case). turns out the media's not all we control.

John August said...

Hollywood Blvd. was because of filmming on the movie Hancock. That's very indirectly my fault. My apologies.

Miles said...

For that, you suck. If one of your films had also closed Santa Monica, I really don't think I could ever forgive. And, if you can use your powers, here's an idea: why not block major boulevards on weekends instead of rush hour on weekdays. And, also, please consider settings outside of the greater Los Angeles area or settings that would not allow for anything in the greater Los Angeles area to substitute for those areas.

And, yes, to my public transit and biking readers, yes, i know I don't have to drive.