Sunday, September 16, 2007

Taking the Bus to Work or My Birthday Project #20

Friday morning, I woke up early and decided to drop my car off at the dealer in Universal City and take the bus to work. I've been meaning to try busing for more than a year and this was the perfect opportunity to try it on. And you know what, it fit well.

From the car dealer on Lankershim, I walked 3 short suburban and leafy blocks to Vineland, waiting 5 minutes and was on board the 156. This bus shot over Highland in great time and I found myself waiting on the corner of Santa Monica and Highland for the 4. Another 5 minutes and I was on my way.

Sure, I waited a smidge too long to get off and went a little further than I needed, but it was an out and out pleasant experience, not stressing and listening to my music!

Coming home was a little different. I got to the bus stop on Beverly Blvd. around 7 and waited...and waited...and waited. About a block away, I could see many a number 4 buses streaming by, but no 14. So I nudged up to the corner and found I could wait for either the 14 or 4 there. Rookie mistake. 5 minutes later the 14 bus arrived.

The ride was pleasant enough, but the bus smelled a little moldy/mildewy which gave me a slight headachey. When we got to Virgil, I hopped off, per my instructions and waited for the 201...and waited...and waited. Then a bus came and...NOT IN SERVICE. D'oh!

And, well, then a cab came and it was in service, so I hopped in and joined friends for a transit celebratory drink (or 3) at Akbar and then took another cab home.

On Monday, I try to take the bus from home.

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