Friday, May 06, 2005

Gay Sperm Donors

The FDA says no way.

Oh, and if you're gay, you still can't give blood to the Red Cross, serve the US in the military, get married to your partner (except in Massachussetts), visit your sick partner in the hospital (some states have "visitation rights", most do not) and the list goes on and on.

Apartheid is alive and well, flourishing in the U S A.

GLBT people are asking for special rights; we're asking for the same rights.

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John August said...

Aha! A topic I actually know something about. We had to do this for the surrogacy.

Here's the thing: you can do a blood test for HIV. The tests are really, really accurate, and I'm sure they're required for sperm donors already.

So the only way HIV can get into the system is if the donor gave sperm in the window between when he got infected and when antibodies are detectable. (How long is that window? Thirty days is about right. Six months is crazily conservative. But you could pick whatever time frame feels right.)

Let's say Bob makes a deposit today. It gets frozen.

Thirty days (or six months) later, Bob has another HIV test. If he's still negative, then the frozen sample gets "cleared" for use. You build some financial incentive into it so that he'll come back for the test.

I'm sure a lot of sperm banks are doing something like this right now. It makes a lot more sense than asking someone if they're gay, when the obvious incentive is to say no.

I hate that a government agency is claiming to protect people when it's not, and discriminating when it shouldn't. Bah.