Monday, May 23, 2005

Tactical Victory

By far, the best description and fullest understanding of what happened tonight in the US Senate comes from Steve Soto. In a nutshell, the right wing zealots of the republican party look like the thugs that they are and the democrats look like rational compromising leaders. Oh, and when the zealots try to invoke their self-named nuclear option again -- and it will happen and it will happen with a supreme court nomination -- which side of the aisle do you think the majority of americans will support? The thug side or the rational side?

At last, the democrats are playing chess and they're playing it to win. Short term don't mean shit and Harry Reid, Howard Dean and the rest have finally made the party open its eyes to it.

To borrow a slogan from the Bush campaign (and Herbert Hoover campaign), a corner has been turned. This time, though, it favors the country.

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