Thursday, May 19, 2005

Mayor Tony

Only because I can't yet spell his name. In time...

Anyhow, consensus is that Tony will be quite the uniter. Throughout the campaign, I felt like he was laying low, hiding out and just letting Hahn kill himself. I voted for him and think he has a lot of potential. Hope he does bring us together.

He can't really touch the schools, so here's my ever so brief list of things I'd like to see happen in his term:

1. More police and more community policing. The more they're out there (and not just at Astro Family Restaurant, which apparently is their commisary -- at least in the Northeast division), the more the neighborhood will know and trust them and less crime there will be. It's simple. (And, of course, Roe v. Wade has something to do with crime prevention, but that's a different story for a different time).

2. Stop the fucking bullshit obstacles to smart transit planning. Nothing (NOTHING) irritates me more and stands as a more powerful symbol than the fact that one of our city's relatively new light rail lines goes near the airport, but not all the way. The local government caved to special interests by not allowing it to go all the way to the airport. Caving to things like this is cowardly and ends up wasting billions of dollars? Don't agree? Have you ever taken that lightrail toward the airport? Ever?! Know anyone who has? Case closed.

Addendum to 2. Extend light rail on exposition, to the east side, continue to incentivize high density mixed use housing in public transit corridors, add bike lanes and let's see Tony taking the Gold line to work. He lives in Mt. Washington. Come on!

3. Speak the truth. It's hard, but I have faith.

Time will tell. Good luck, Mayor Tony.

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