Tuesday, May 17, 2005


I came home from work tonight, pet the dog, took off my shoes, undid my belt, took out a bucket of trader joe's hummus, removed the lid, drowned one of those damned ugly motherfuckin long-legged spiders in the kitchen sink and promptly shovelled not one but four tablespoonfuls of hummus into my hummus hole. Not pretty. And, while doing it, I wondered if I should have been, I don't know, less callous about killing said long-legged spider and eating without skipping a beat. I mean, it was alive and now it's not and all because they freak me out ever more than slightly. Now, I doubt I'll sleep, as I'll lie there in my so-old-it's-hammocklike bed knowing without a shadow of a doublt that said spider's brethren will launch a premeditated retaliatory attack on my and my peeps as soon as slumber sets in. Fuckin spider.

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