Monday, June 18, 2007

The Dodgers Game or My Birthday Project #11

For Father's Day this year, my father gave me four of the family tickets to the Game. My family has held these tickets in aisle one on the field level since the Dodgers moved into Dodgers Stadium way back in 1962. 45 years. That's even older than me. And though my grandmother is gone now and her brother is getting up there in years, the family will hold on to the tickets. Who knows, the Dodgers may actually win again some day.

It was a picture perfect day. I met Dave and Connie at the entrance to the field seats on the 3rd base side and we waited for Marine Trevor to join us. Trevor, another born and reared Angeleno, was psyched about the seat location the way only an Angeleno can be...and it was worth it almost for that reaction.

Anyway, the game was mostly unremarkable. The Dodgers kicked it off with a homerun and then the Angels (Yep, a freeway series -- a first for me) went to town on the Dodgers pitching. It was more about being there and enjoying the great atmosphere.

Really, is there anything better than sitting in the shade of aisle one, behind home plate, on a warm Sunday afternoon? Other than winning, that is.

Thanks for coming, guys. I had a blast. And, hey, Dad, thanks for the tickets!

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