Thursday, June 07, 2007

Mass Transit and Southern California Amusement Parks

I went to Six Flags Magic Mountain today with our workmates and met one of them at the Santa Clarita station for the Metrolink. Incredibly, the Magic Mountain website does not note in any discernible way that it is relatively easy to get to the park by commuter rail.

Is this just something not thought out or something completely thought out? Perhaps, they don't want to encourage people from taking transit because if people take transit, they won't get their $15 parking fee.

The Disneyland website also doesn't clearly point out that you can easily take mass transit to the happiest place in the world. There's a metrolink stop at Anaheim stadium, which is maybe 5 minutes by bus or tram from the park.

Shame on these two giants. What they should be doing is encouraging visitors to take mass transit (come on, Disney folks, you built the freakin' monorail for God's sake) by providing clear instruction on their sites AND offering park discounts if visitors show their transit receipts.

For that matter, same goes for movie theatres, plays, sporting events. Come on, folks, you either want to help the region or you just want to get an even bigger piece of the pie.

Shame on Six Flags and Disney.

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