Thursday, June 07, 2007

Los Feliz Street Fair or My Birthday Project #9

Last weekend was the annual street fair on Vermont from Prospect to Franklin Ave. After returning from a midmorning hike with Philip in Runyon, I hooked up with Brian (not Philip's boyfriend, btw), who loves street fairs as much as I do. We're simpletons that way.

Anyway, I pick him up in Silverlake and head over to Los Feliz (we are such eastsiders), and hope we can find a parking space within the county limits. Lo and behold, two gays are leaving and they are parked a corner away from the start of the fair. So, we replace their parking space with our's and the universe remained in balance.

Heading into the bazarre and the bizarre of the street fair, we cross a small stage where an interesting band is, eh, jamming, and then, most importantly, we note that Vermont restaurant is hosting a beer garden. Sold.

We have a couple glasses of wine while watching the hodgepodge go by and then join them in their march. I believe my favorite moment occurred when I snapped a photo of an alleged scientology booth and the guy looked pissed. I mean pissed.

Another favorite moment was when Brian got his cotton candy or, as they say in Ireland, cotton floss. Ick. But, he does look happy doesn't he?

Here's the angry looking alleged scientology fella.

Here are a few more pics from the day.

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